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Simplified Edition of our Recruitment Conditions & Documents Needed

College’s Name: Hainan College of Foreign Studies;

Location: Wenchang City; Hainan Tourism Island, P.R.CHINA

Website:     Posts offered: 12 English teachers; 1 Japanese teacher;1 Russian teacher;1 Korean teacher;1 French teacher; 1 German teacher;1 Spanish teacher;1 Portuguese teacher; 1 Thai teacher; 1 Indonesian teacher ; 1 Vietnam teacher; 1 Arab teacher; 1 Malay teacher; 1Burmese teacher; 1 Cambodian teacher.1 Italian teacher; 1 Lao teacher. 2 years of teaching experience required.

Benefit packages:

1. RMB 4500 Yuan monthly basic salary for bachelor’s degree holder, RMB 60 Yuan will be given for each period of class given ; RMB 5000 Yuan monthly basic salary for candidate with Master degree, RMB 70 Yuan will be given for each period of class given; RMB 5500 Yuan monthly basic salary for candidate with Doctor’s degree, RMB 80 Yuan will be given for each period of class given; Candidate must work at least for one school year which contains 10 months; Two more months’ salary and RMB 200 per month will be given if the applicant continues to the work for the college after the first contract year.  

2. Airfare for one school year contractor : RMB13,000 for teachers from European countries, American countries & African countries ; RMB11,000 for teachers from Russia; RMB 9,000 for teachers from Asian Countries; +RMB 2200 winter holiday bonus;

3. Free and well-furnished apartment provided,except things on bed;

4. Health care insurance covers the contract period;

5. Employer is responsible for the work visa extension fee and the Physical exam fee which happen in Hainan. If you are interested in our post, please feel free to let me know ASAP.

Expecting your prompt reply.

By the way, email me the information page of your passport ( and the latest visa page if there is any also) if you are willing to accept our post.

More documents will be needed for working visa application are ( scanning and original ):

1.  Resume/C.V.

2. Notarized No Criminal Record or in other name called “ Police Clearance Record ”;

3. Couple with child or children, need to offer:  Notarial Certificate of your Marriage Certificate and Child’s Birth Certificate from Chinese Embassy in your country;

4. Recommendation Letter from your previous work Unit;  5.Notarized Highest Degree

6. Physical Examination Record-- –“FOREIGNER PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FORM” will be sent to you after an interview. Email me its scanning first, and then Give me the originals after arrival)

After primary agreement has reached, more forms will be sent for the procedures. 


Chen Jianqi/ Leo   Wechat: leochen953;    Tel:0086-898-6329-7771; 

Email: or 

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